Kids’ Skills


…children do not actually have problems, only skills they have not yet learned
Ben Furman, Finnish psychiatrist, author and founder of Kids’ Skills

Kids’ Skills is a fun and creative way of working with children and young people. Kids’ Skills helps children and young people turn their problems into coping skills. It’s based on respect for children and young people and encourages the worker to really listen to the words and needs of the child.

We offer a Kids’ Skills 8 week group for up to 10 young people. Each session is 90 minutes in length. At the start of the group, participants will set their individual targets or goals for the sessions and will devise an action to facilitate movement towards those targets.

All group members receive a Kids’ Skills Workbook that can not only be used to plan and record results but also as a resource to encourage the involvement of parents and significant others

Young people participating in the group will develop a range of positive solution based skills that can be used not just for the ‘problem’ area but for all areas of the young person’s life.

Our Kids’ Skills work is facilitated by an International Kids’ Skills Ambassador. A Kids’ Skills ambassador has completed a certified training program and is capable of using the method and coaching others in using it.