School Assemblies

iStock_000059501620_XXXLarge copySolutionspeak offer a range of entertaining and informative assemblies to small groups or full school. These assemblies can focus on the subject matter of your choice and thus are flexible to meet the needs of your school. Solutionspeak assemblies are an entertaining, fun and inclusive way for young people to explore issues such as emotional intelligence, self-esteem, confidence and the development of a range of practical and useful social skills.

A to B: The Easy Way

‘A to Be: The Easy Way’ is our main assembly and is a sixty minute school assembly or workshop that combines humour and magic to enable young people to explore skill setting and goal attainment.  Our flagship assembly, this fun and interactive event encourages young people to break goals down into achievable smaller targets, the combination of which lead to a manageable plan of action. The assembly is interactive in nature and utilises the input of both pupils and teachers, thus emphasizing that achievement can be both individual and collective in nature.  The A to B Assembly can be presented to both primary and secondary schools.

Themed School Assemblies

We realise that your organisation may have a very specific theme or message that you would like to present in a school.  At Solutionspeak we have a great deal of expertise and awareness with regards to the design and implementation of events for young people. We can design a programme that can present your message in a fun, exciting and memorable way. At the same time we will ensure that your ‘message’ is presented in a highly professional and appropriate manner.  Your bespoke assembly could include elements of pupil and staff interaction, comedy, magic, fun, puppet presentations, songs and music, audio/visual presentations and post assembly follow on worksheets.