Mental Health in Schools


In the UK almost 850,000 children and young people aged between 5-16 years of age experience a mental health problem. This is approximately 9.6% of the 5 to 16 years population.

This means that in a class of forty students, three to four children are experiencing a mental health problem at any time. Or in an average size upper school, 150 young people could be experiencing a mental health problem right now.

For children and young people depression is increasing. As nation we have almost 80,000 children and young people who experience severe depression. Furthermore, 8,000 of these children are aged under 10 years old.

At Solutionspeak we believe that all children and young people have a right to experience positive mental health and optimal wellbeing.

Solutionspeak works in partnership with schools and educational organisations, offering a range of effective and proven interventions that promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing for children and young people.

When a young person experiences good mental health, evidence suggests that they:

  • Learn better
  • Get on better with others
  • Enjoy and benefit from their everyday experiences
  • Have positive relationships with their families, friends and school staff
  • Contribute to their community in ways that are appropriate for their age
  • Are able to use positive coping skills appropriate to their age to manage feelings and deal with difficulties
  • Develop helpful coping skills as part of their normal development and are not held back by emotional or behavioural problems
  • A developing moral sense of right and wrong
  • A clear sense of identity and self-worth

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