Simon Jackson visits Teesside


On Monday 9 November, Simon will be delivering one of our unique Ato B workshops to schools in the North East. Organised by Inspire2Learn, the event focuses on skills development for STEM teachers.

A to B is a sixty minute school assembly that combines humour and magic to enable young people to explore skill setting and goal attainment. This fun and interactive assembly encourages young people to break goals down into achievable smaller targets, the combination of which form a manageable plan of action.

Using a simple mnemonic, young people are offered an easy method that can be used to retain the central components of goal setting and achievement.

The A to B Assembly can be offered to small workshops or full school assemblies and is suitable for all ages. The assembly is interactive in nature and utilises the input of both pupils and teachers, thus emphasizing that achievement can be both individual and collective in nature.

We are delighted to be able to kick off the day and hopefully give the attendees some great new learning and teaching ideas to take into the other workshops.

If you would like to speak to us about A to B, any of our bespoke school assemblies or our youth coaching programmes, please get in touch.